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6 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in Pregnancy and Motherhood

pregnant woman doing yoga outside with baby

What is mindfulness? And why should moms care?

The concept of mindfulness has been on the rise, and for good reason. Mindfulness is a practice of being non-reactive and non-judgemental in situations, allowing you to be present, engaged and calm in the moment.

Working on this practice in your daily life enhances your emotional intelligence and communication, and subsequently improves your relationships and positive life experiences. However, when you’re in the throes of pregnancy brain just trying to remember where you put your car keys, sleep deprived with a newborn, or on your toddler’s sixth tantrum of the day, practicing mindfulness can feel out of reach. 


Mindfulness doesn’t require a lifestyle overhaul 

two new moms and their babies sitting in a motherhood series class

If you’re pregnant, raising children (or both!), your time and energy are being pulled in many directions. While adding one more item to your already full plate may seem daunting, practicing mindfulness as you’re driving your car, before you start your meal, falling asleep,and other moments throughout your day creates space to see the special moments with your loved ones, reflect on what you’re grateful for, and also break free from negative and unwanted thoughts. 


Building mindfulness in a sustainable way 

Incorporating mindful practices into your daily routine is meant to be done sustainably, in a way that works for you. With time, it will lead to being in a flow state, where tasks and goals are met with ease, and you are aligned with your intentions of living more effortlessly and purposefully.

Pick and choose one or two methods below to get started, and you can add on when and if it feels right to you.


Deep breathing

In moments of stress and being overwhelmed, try deep breathing, such as box breathing or ‘sip’ breathing to calm your nervous system and pause before you react

  • Box breathing: breathe in for four seconds, hold your breath for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, hold for four seconds. Repeat as needed.
  • ‘Sip’ breathing: Take a full breath in through your nose, then an extra ‘sip’ of air to fully expand your lungs through your stomach, chest, ribs and back. Hold and then slowly exhale.



Find a mantra that works for you, and listen to a guided meditation before bed and when you need to step away to calm down. There are many free apps out there, and we love Kelly Smith’s Yoga for You, which can be found on Spotify, iTunes & YouTube.

pregnant woman outside at bellyrama doing prenatal yoga

With sunnier and longer days, getting into nature to breathe fresh air, feel the breeze and the sun on your face can act as a ‘reset’ when you’re feeling overwhelmed, getting a headache, and need to clear your mind. This can be as simple as stepping outside in bare feet for a couple of minutes, going for a walk by yourself or with children and pets, and planning a fun outing for a picnic, outdoor yoga or camping trip.



What is taking up space in your mind right now, or keeping you up at night? What can be handed off to your partner or loved one to ease your mental load? Examples include taking over the laundry, being in charge of gifts for people outside your family, planning regular date nights / vacations, being in charge of pets or plants, kids lunches, or the task you dread or forget. And, what can be left in the dust of things that take up a lot of time, but don’t bring joy? Below are more resources we love to help balance your responsibilities and stay present: 

  • Fair Play Life: A book and card deck on how to fairly divide household tasks 
  • Stolen Focus: A book on how to live your life in the present, and minimize the distractions of modern life
Move your body

Build your mind body connection through present moment awareness. Conscious breathing while you move your body clears out stagnant air, regulates your nervous system and helps your body get into a flow state as you move. 


Find time away, whether for an afternoon, long weekend or week to connect back to yourself, with yourself, your partner and loved ones. We are all worthy of rest and the time to reset from the daily pulls of life and to come back to ourselves.

In-person, guided new mom’s groups – like the upcoming, popular 6-week Motherhood Series offered at Blooma in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota – are a great way to learn helpful motherhood skills. 

Find an upcoming community group that fits your busy schedule and join others in your community finding mindfulness throughout motherhood.

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