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Motherhood Series

Embark on your motherhood journey at Blooma — a haven for first outings with your baby. Experience a cozy space to share, connect, and learn with fellow birthing people. All newborns (2-10 weeks) welcome.

Key Details

Class Description

Step out confidently with your baby for the first time at Blooma! Our cozy studio is your sanctuary—a place to share, learn, and connect. And get comfortable with all the nuances of the parenting journey. No need to feel overwhelmed; we’re here for every emotion and challenge, from spit-up and fussiness to blowouts and beyond.

Join weekly sessions with fellow birthing people, mothers, gender expansive parents* and babies around the same age. We’ll delve into physical healing post-delivery, celebrating our evolving bodies, postpartum mental health, newborn sleep patterns, breast/chest feeding, pumping, and transitioning back to work

Our comfy seating lets you breast or bottle feed with ease. Whether it’s your first or third child, or you’re an adoptive parent, we welcome babies aged 2-10 weeks at the start of the series. Blooma is your supportive community for the early days of parenthood.

*Registration includes one birthing person and their newborn. Same sex birthing people are welcome to attend for an additional registration.

What You’ll Learn

  • Newborn development and soothing techniques
  • Setting realistic newborn sleep expectations
  • Effective breast/chest feeding pointers
  • Post-birth body recovery and resuming exercise and intimacy
  • Connecting with fellow new parents
  • Navigating postpartum mental health: discerning normal from concerning
  • Strengthening partner communication during family transitions
  • Prepping for pumping and your work return

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With You Every Step of the Way

Once class gets out, let our professional birth doulas guide and help you with the rest of your birth journey. Using evidence-based support techniques, doulas are shown to improve pregnancy outcomes and birth satisfaction and give you the best chance of achieving your ideal birth plan - whatever that may be.