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VBAC Preparation Class

Optimize your chances for a successful VBAC experience with this evidence-based preparation class, led by a VBAC mom and birth doula.

Key Details

Class Description

Want an evidence-based approach to your VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) or repeat cesarean decision? Join Aleida VanderBrug, Blooma Doula, Childbirth Educator, and VBAC mom, for a comprehensive class exploring the latest research.

You’ll learn options for both VBAC and repeat cesarean and techniques to prepare your mind and body for birth. You’ll also have time to process past births and leave with resources, pro tips and techniques to navigate your unique birth journey with confidence.

Increase the likelihood of your preferred VBAC experience with this expert-taught class, ideally taken during your first or second trimester for optimal planning and support.

What You’ll Learn

Understanding VBAC:
  • Current research and statistics on VBAC success rates
  • Factors that influence the likelihood of a successful VBAC


Navigating the Decision:


  • Pros and cons of both VBAC and repeat cesarean
  • How to work with your healthcare provider to create a birth plan that aligns with your goals
  • Identifying a VBAC-supportive care team and birth location
Birth Preparation:
  • Techniques to promote a positive birth mindset
  • Options for “body-ready” movements during pregnancy to facilitate birth progress
  • Physical comfort measures and positions to facilitate labor progress
  • The role of a support person during a VBAC attempt
Additional Resources:
  • Where to find reliable information on VBAC
  • How to connect with other birthing people who’ve experienced VBAC
  • Identifying local resources for VBAC support

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With You Every Step of the Way

Once class gets out, let our professional birth doulas guide and help you with the rest of your birth journey. Using evidence-based support techniques, doulas are shown to improve pregnancy outcomes and birth satisfaction and give you the best chance of achieving your ideal birth plan - whatever that may be.