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Comprehensive Birth Classes
& New Parent Education

Prepare for the arrival of your little one with confidence by joining our comprehensive birth and new parent classes. Designed to empower new & expectant parents with evidence-based tools and knowledge for a positive birth experience.

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1000 +
Classes Offered Monthly
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Team Up With The Best Birth Workers 
In The Twin Cities

Birth and postpartum can be hard and even a bit scary (and that’s okay).

Go beyond the tired hospital classes and impersonal online courses and get bespoke guidance from our highly-experienced support team that lives and breathes birth. Our teachers moonlight as doulas, prenatal yoga instructors, lactation consultants, and infant sleep specialists – so rest easy, parents – you’re in good hands.

All Birth Types Covered
No Agenda,

No Judgement
Accessible Schedule
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Getting Started

Slip off your shoes and make yourself comfortable. Let’s help you get going.

Calling all first timers

The best place to start is our flagship Blooma Birth Class for first-time, expecting parents. Available as either a 4-week series or 7-hour express.

Help finding classes

Check out the find a class page to find the right classes for you. And inside each class description, you’ll see which classes are most commonly paired together for optimal results.

When to enroll

We recommend starting most birth classes between 28-32 weeks of pregnancy.

Blooma’s classroom

Classes take place in our spacious studio, where you and your partner (or support person) can stay comfortable with pillows, blankets, and seating however you prefer. Enrollment is limited to 10 families so you’ll have plenty of room for the interactive activities, presentations, and demonstrations.

What People Are Saying

Join In-Person (In Studio) Or At Home (Private/Custom)

Cozy up in our South Minneapolis studio with other expecting parents, or let us come to you with private/custom classes at your place.

Find A Class

Find the right birth or new parent class for you and your family. Choose from our flagship Blooma Birth Class for first-timers or the Birthing Again or Comfort Measures for returners.
Also available are postpartum-oriented classes like Lactation & Newborn Care and Infant/Child CPR & First Aid, or specialty birth classes like Spinning Babies and Hypnobirthing.

Birth & New Parent Classes FAQ

Yes! The fee for class includes both you and your support person.
Absolutely not! We support families birthing at hospitals, freestanding birth centers, and home. We hope to help you identify the birth location and provider that most closely meets your values, goals, and preferences for your birth.

At Blooma, we offer a comprehensive 4 week birth class that will cover everything you need to know, and always be taught by a birth worker active in the community and up-to-date on the current evidence-based practices. We believe that a healthy pregnancy incorporates movement, comfort measures and caring for the whole person, physically, emotionally and mentally.

At Blooma, we believe it’s just as important to discuss the emotional journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as it is to educate clients on the pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical birth-related interventions available (after all, this impacts your decision making all along the way). In our classes, you will receive an unbiased education, educating you on your options and helping you to create your birth preferences.

Absolutely! Families with a huge range of birth plans take our classes. We spend time discussing both pharmacological and nonpharmacological comfort measures so that you’re prepared for the birth you’re envisioning. Regardless of how you plan to birth, our goal is that you walk away knowing your options and feeling empowered!
We strive to build partnerships in all birthing locations around the greater Twin Cities, through enrichments with doctors, nurses and midwives and our doula team, and by creating a cooperative environment in all birthing locations. We’re happy to share that we have a strong and positive reputation in the Twin Cities birthing community as a result of our years of partnership building, community outreach and professionalism.
Yourself, a support person, an open mind, and comfortable clothing that will allow movement during our comfort measures and birthing position practice. Don’t forget any meals or snacks! Our classes are often during mealtimes so please know you are welcome to eat or drink in our space.
No problem. You will be able to make up a missed class virtually via recording or in person.
Part of the brilliance of our classes is our physical space. Many of our regular yoga students have shared how just stepping foot in our doors helps them feel more at peace. We take the energy of our space seriously and our intent is to create a safe and supported environment for you and your partner to learn and connect with other birthing people journeying through this transformational time. Many students find they are able to grasp the material more efficiently in person when they can ask questions directly and process the information side by side with other students.

Our childbirth education and lactation classes are for expectant parents and their support people only. If childcare is a barrier, we are happy to schedule a private in home or virtual class for an additional fee. For more information and to request private/custom instruction, inquire here.

All of our childbirth educators have completed a professional childbirth educator training and are experienced birth workers.

Blooma is committed to providing access to high-quality childbirth and parenting to all. If these classes would otherwise be inaccessible to you due to financial constraints, please fill out our sponsorship application.

Yes. We offer private childbirth education classes that can take place in person or virtually. For more information and to request private/custom instruction, go here.


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Getting to our Minneapolis studio or St Paul classroom (at Active Health MN) is easy.

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