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Infant/Child CPR, Choking, and First Aid Class

Equip yourself with vital skills for your child’s safety. From infant CPR to handling common emergencies, be prepared and confident in moments that matter. A must-attend course for every caring parent and guardian.

Key Details

Class Description

How would you react if your child faced a sudden emergency? Empower yourself with life-saving skills tailored for parents and caregivers. Whether it’s a choking incident, a sudden injury, or an unexpected seizure, be the first line of defense for your child or other little ones until professional help arrives.

Get comfortable with the essentials of first aid for children in this crucial course, and equip yourself to act promptly and effectively in critical moments.

What You’ll Learn

  • Techniques for Infant/child CPR
  • Immediate responses for choking children
  • Proactive measures for childhood injury prevention
  • Comprehensive first aid for emergencies: from allergic reactions and epi-pens to shock, poisoning, bleeding, seizures and burns

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