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Private Events & Studio Rental

Step into a clean, warm and inviting space for your next private event. Let Blooma help you create a great experience for you and your guests.

Elevate Your Celebrations

Elevate your celebrations in our welcoming setting, complete with tables, chairs, and yoga essentials.
Whether it’s a refreshing sip from our tea station or utilizing our stereo and whiteboard, we’ve got you covered. Want to bring in some programming and movement? Our skilled instructors will bring you prenatal, flow, restorative, kids’, or even BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) yoga or barre sessions. Got a unique event vision? Let’s craft it together. Fill out the application below and share your ideas.

Blessingway Experiences

Dive into the beautiful tradition of a Blessingway, also known as Mother Blessing. This ceremonial class is a heartfelt celebration of the birthing person, where attendees come together to shower them with hopes and wishes for their upcoming birth. While the session may encompass guided breathwork or meditation, it isn’t centered on movement.

Each Blessingway spans 2 hours: an intimate 1-hour ceremonial class followed by an hour for you and your closest friends and family to relish warm and connected moments. Your experience is enriched with a dedicated instructor to guide you and your loved ones.

Connect with your class facilitator through a 15-minute pre-event phone call to personalize your Blessingway. For this holistic experience, the investment is $375. Celebrate, connect and cherish these moments with Blooma.

Private Group Classes

Over the course of an hour, let a dedicated Blooma instructor guide you and your loved ones through a rejuvenating movement session. It’s the perfect way to bond with friends and family, all for $250. Embrace movement, embrace togetherness.

Studio Rentals

Put our welcoming studio spaces to work for you and your community, however you please. Rent one of our studios for $75/hr (note: we charge for the 30 minutes before & after your event).

The Fine Print

The cancellation policy is as follows: cancel more than 7 days notice of your event for 50% refund of the rental fee; canceling within 7 days of the event forfeits your rental fee.

Aside from items noted above (tables, chairs, yoga props, whiteboards, etc), you shall provide all the materials and supplies necessary for your event. This includes handouts, snacks, beverages, decorations, etc.

Leave the studio space and common area tidy, organized, and in the same condition you found it. A cleaning fee may be administered if the studio’s cleanliness does not meet our standards after your event.

Depending on the day/time of your event, you may need to lock or unlock the studio. A studio walk through may be scheduled prior to your event if necessary.

The rate for instructors is $100 per hour.

Send Your Request

Availability depends on other classes and services being offered and we will do our best to find availability around your requests.