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The Blooma Birth Class

Empower yourself for a better birth experience with our most popular and comprehensive birth class, ideal for first-time expecting parents and all types of birth. Join us in our South Minneapolis or St Paul classrooms.

Key Details

Class Description

Ready to feel confident about your birthing journey? Our flagship birth class is crafted to empower and guide both you and your partner through the intricate maze of pregnancy and birth.

This experience is filled with emotions, physical changes, and crucial decisions. Let us simplify that for you. From early labor to the immediate postpartum phase, we break down each unique part, diving into the roles of hormones, emotions, and effective coping strategies.

We’ll discuss pain management techniques that utilize relaxation and movement, in addition to tools that ease your baby’s descent through the pelvis, catering to both low and high intervention birth plans.

Rely on our evidence-based approach to get clear insights on common birth scenarios and interventions such as induction, fetal monitoring, pharmaceutical pain medication, newborn interventions, and cesarean delivery.

Ideal for first-time birthers, we suggest joining us in your early third trimester.

Note: Due to time limitations, our 2-day express modules skip the breastfeeding/chestfeeding segment. For comprehensive guidance on breastfeeding, our Newborn Care and Lactation class pairs perfectly.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why it’s important to align your birth preferences with your provider and where you choose to birth
  • What to expect in each phase of labor and coping strategies
  • Navigating medical decision making
  • The full story on interventions
  • Hands on comfort measures
  • How to maximize your postpartum healing and support for the 4th trimester

Class Agenda

Each class session is packed with practical, helpful information for your birth journey. Tap/click for a peek into each session agenda.

The Express Blooma Birth Class combines these sessions into a one or two-day intensive.

  • Lamaze healthy birth practices
  • 10 things you may not know about doulas
  • Choosing a care provider
  • Comfort measures
  • Breathing techniques + birthing positions
  • Experience of labor
  • Birth affirmations
  • Empowering statements for the partner
  • How will I know when I’m in labor?
  • When to go to your place of birth
  • The natural progression of labor
  • Six ways your body and baby are working “behind the scenes” to help labor progress
  • BRAIN: Making informed decisions
  • Pharmaceutical pain medication options 
  • Understanding obstetric risk
  • Informed decision making
  • Using + refusing medical interventions
  • Labor induction
  • Talking to your healthcare provider
  • Red flags
  • Creating your own birth preferences letter
  • I’m having a cesarean: now what?
  • The first hour after birth
  • Newborn appearances + procedures
  • Breast/chestfeeding timeline
  • Postpartum plan for the family
  • The need for nutritious food
  • Professional support
  • Creating time for you as a couple
  • Myths + facts about perinatal mood disorders
  • Additional resources


With You Every Step of the Way

Once class gets out, let our professional birth doulas guide and help you with the rest of your birth journey. Using evidence-based support techniques, doulas are shown to improve pregnancy outcomes and birth satisfaction and give you the best chance of achieving your ideal birth plan - whatever that may be.