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Infant Massage Class

Strengthen the bond with your little one through the art of infant massage. Come ready for a heartwarming session that soothes, connects, and even aids baby’s sleep. Ideal for babies aged 3 weeks to pre-crawl.

Key Details

Class Description

Embrace the healing power of touch and give your little one a sense of peace and security in their new world. In our workshop, you’ll learn infant massage techniques that convey your love and warmth and increase bonding between baby and parent (or other regular caregiver such as a grandparent).

From easing a gassy discomfort to ushering peaceful sleep, equip yourself with touch solutions and the essential strokes. And remember, it’s a safe space—feel free to feed or change your baby as needed.

This session is crafted for one caregiver and their baby to attend together. Ideal for babies aged 3 weeks to pre-crawling.

You’ll want to bring your preferred massage oil, a blanket for your baby’s comfort, a toy to keep them entertained, and optionally, clothing like baby legs that offer warmth while allowing easy access for massage.

What You’ll Learn

  • The science behind infant massage: how and why it works
  • Relaxation techniques to calm and comfort both you and baby
  • Confidence to navigate the journey of new parenthood
  • Connection with other new parents
  • Creative ways to engage and connect with your baby

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