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Comfort Measures Class

Prepare for a more comfortable birth with our comfort measures birth class. Learn holistic techniques like breathwork, massage, positions, props, and more. Ideal for home, birth center, or hospital births.

Key Details

Class Description

Learn non-pharmaceutical pain management techniques with our Comfort Measures class, ideal for all birth settings: home, hospital, or birth center.

Unpack the intricate dance between the mind, body, and hormones during labor. Together, we’ll explore proven techniques that not only alleviate pain but give you and your birthing partner confidence to handle the intensity of labor. This will include breathwork, massage, labor props (e.g. peanut and exercise balls), aromatherapy, vocalization, position practice, hydrotherapy, and more.

Aimed at those leaning towards a low-intervention birth or keen on honing coping strategies before reaching your birth venue – this class is your go-to. It’s also a perfect addition to our Blooma Birth Class 4-week series, Express Birth Class, and Spinning Babies Class.

What You’ll Learn

  • The invaluable role of birthing partners and the science behind hands-on support
  • The hormonal journey during labor and the profound impact of your birthing environment
  • Gauging the right moment for medication
  • Comprehensive coping techniques: from aromatherapy, vocalization, massage, position practice, labor props, hydrotherapy and breathwork
  • Ways to set up your birth environment for ease and comfort

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With You Every Step of the Way

Once class gets out, let our professional birth doulas guide and help you with the rest of your birth journey. Using evidence-based support techniques, doulas are shown to improve pregnancy outcomes and birth satisfaction and give you the best chance of achieving your ideal birth plan - whatever that may be.