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Bring Your Own Baby (BYOB) Yoga Classes

Nurture yourself and baby through gentle stretches and calming breaths. Connect with other moms and bond with your little one. A perfect blend of relaxation and playtime in South Minneapolis.

Key Details

Class Description

Join us with your pre-crawling baby for a special yoga bonding experience, open to new moms/caretakers and gender expansive parents.

With our unique BYOB yoga sequence, you and your little one will delight in touch, sight, sound, and movement together. Crafted with postpartum-safe movements, it’s just the right blend of relaxation and strengthening for your body.

Find our welcoming space where you and baby can land and connect with a supportive community of new parents. Our flavor of a mommy & me class.


How to Experience BYOB Yoga Classes


Monthly Membership

Studio, live stream + video library access
Get full access to our movement classes, with all the perks of membership. Move with us in-studio in Minneapolis or live stream from anywhere you please.

Class Packs and Drop-Ins

Studio + live stream access
Join all our live classes at your own pace, in-studio or live streaming. Flexible class packs and drop-in class passes for adults and kids.

Get Your Sweat Flowing With Baby-Wearing Barre

Looking for a more intense exercise? Try our baby-wearing barre class, where you’ll use targeted isometric movements to tone, lift, and engage muscle groups one at a time, alongside a stable wooden barre.

Here For Your Baby-Free Movement Classes, Too

Go beyond BYOB & baby-wearing barre to find the rest of our robust schedule of mommy-friendly movement classes, with 9 class formats and 160+ classes per month.