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Mat Pilates

Experience the benefits of mat pilates classes designed to engage your body with powerful, functional movement patterns. Join us in-studio in South Minneapolis. Prenatal-friendly.

Key Details

Class Description

Join in the well-rounded workout experience that is Mat Pilates. Anchored by the core principles of breathwork, alignment and stability, you will engage in creative sequences targeting your core and the six functional movement patterns—push, pull, squat, lunge, hinge and carry.

Feel the empowering connection to your body as you power through your daily life. Well-suited for those in pregnancy or postpartum stages, and anyone looking for a wonderful cathartic sweat.


How to Experience Blooma Mat Pilates Classes


Monthly Membership

Studio, live stream + video library access

Get full access to all our movement classes, with all the perks of membership. Move with us in-studio in Minneapolis or live stream from anywhere you please.

Pilates is currently in-studio only.

Class Packs and Drop-Ins

Studio + live stream access

Join all our live classes at your own pace, in-studio or live streaming. Flexible class packs and drop-in class passes for adults and kids.

Pilates is currently in-studio only.


On Demand Only

Video library access

 Sweat or stretch it out in your living room, backyard, or wherever you please, whenever you please. Our extensive library of on demand class videos lets you work out on your own schedule. Included with monthly membership or on demand-only membership.

On demand pilates selection is limited.

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