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Kids Yoga Classes

Join us for movement, mindfulness, and fun with our specially-crafted kids yoga classes designed for littles aged 9 months to 8 years. Classes in-studio in South Minneapolis.

Key Details

Class Descriptions

Little Kids Yoga (9 mo – <4 yrs, child attends with parent/caretaker)

Your tiny yogi’s adventure awaits. Embrace the joy of shared movement and bonding in our Little Kids Yoga class, tailored for children aged 9 months to 4 years. Here, your child’s curiosity meets playful yoga, enchanting stories, and spirited songs. As you both dance, sing, and explore foundational yoga postures, you’ll also discover a welcoming community of caregivers and parents, ensuring every class is a delightful mix of energy, connection, and fun.

Kids Yoga (4 -8 yrs, child attends without parent/caretaker)
Tailored for the dynamic world of kids aged 4 to 8, this class lets them embark on a solo journey without the presence of parents. Here, they learn more advanced yoga poses and meditation practices under the guidance of one of our kid yoga instructors.

But it’s more than just postures; it’s about equipping them with mindfulness, boosting their day-to-day concentration, and cultivating self-coping tools. Starting their yoga journey young instills lasting confidence, resilience against anxiety and a solid foundation to navigate life’s challenges.


How to Experience Blooma Kids Yoga Classes

little kid and mom doing yoga

Monthly Membership

Studio, live stream + video library access

Get full access to our movement classes, with all the perks of membership – including unlimited kids yoga classes for your littles. Move with us in-studio in Minneapolis or live stream from anywhere you please.

Class Packs and Drop-Ins

Studio + live stream access

Join all our live classes at your own pace, in-studio or live streaming. Flexible class packs and drop-in class passes for kids and adults.

on demand kids yoga video library screen

On Demand Only

Video library access

Movement and fun – whenever and wherever you please. Our extensive library of on demand class videos includes 8+ kids yoga classes (5 min – 45 min long). Included with monthly membership or on demand-only membership.

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